Posted by: Blue Horizon Books | September 15, 2011

New title: 10 Ways to Fund a College Education

Book CoverI’m happy to report that “10 Ways to Fund a College Education” is almost ready to ship to the printer. This has been a true family affair. Husband, Roger, wrote the book on college education funding. I edited it, and laid out the interior text. Daughter Kate advised every step of the way, especially on issues having to do with marketing. And sister-in-law Dawn Daisley designed the cover.  Roger plans to distribute the book as part of his on-going seminars about College Education Funding.

Roger has said several times that he thought the hard part would be writing the book — and it definitely was difficult for him, even though he knows the material inside and out. But for someone who likes to be up and moving about (preferably sailing) much more than he likes to sit in front of a computer and try to get all that knowledge down in print … well, let’s just say he was not a happy camper there for the few months that it took him to get the first draft done.

And that was just the first draft. After that, there were many, many, many revisions. And then many readers, especially those who are in the industry, who were kind enough to read the manuscript and give him some much-valued feedback.

And then comes the “fun” part — making it look pretty and readable. Thanks to Dawn Daisley Designs, many will (hopefully) want to open the cover and see what’s inside.

For those who are interested in knowing more about the ins and outs of funding a college education, visit Roger’s web site at and if you are in the Long Island area, you might want to attend one of his free seminars on the subject.

~ Editor Daisley

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