Posted by: Blue Horizon Books | December 8, 2011

“10 Ways” is online, gets reviewed

Roger’s book is now on and, and there’s already a rave review. OK, we do know the reviewing party, whose wife is a former business colleague of Roger’s. But we didn’t ask for the review!  Our reviewing friend and his wife have two young children, and apparently found the information and advice offered in “10 Ways to Fund a College Education” valuable. Here’s what he had to say:

“H.R.Daisley is an expert financial planner, a public speaker on the subject but above all a skilled writer. In a simple and short narrative, he tells us about the basic tenets of financial planning. The book directed toward families describes the best savings strategies that can help you reach an important goal: being prepared when it’s time to send kids to college. With tuition on the rise, it’s always the worry of all responsible parents. The book has solid information with references to websites or resources for those who want to know more. About 60% of the information was new to me. This book is a good reference source for someone like me who is worried about his children’s future. I highly recommend it for parents of all ages. “

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