Posted by: Blue Horizon Books | May 22, 2012

Just Published: Classical Gigs – A Guide for Working Musicians

Blue Horizon Books is proud to announce the publication of Classical Gigs: A Guide for Working Musicians by Liz E. Brooks.  Let me quote from the jacket cover to describe the writer of this useful guide for classical musicians on the brink of launching their careers:

Liz E. Brooks holds an M.A. in Secondary Education from Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis and an M.M. in Cello from Butler University. As a freelance musician, she performs with her group, the Village Quartet, and with local orchestras and other ensembles. As a teacher, in addition to having many private students, Liz has been with the Indianapolis Suzuki Academy for more than 20 years and is trained in Suzuki books 1-10. She has also taught cello and preschool music at the Jewish Community Center and Interactive Academy in Indianapolis, and composes both classical and pop music.

And this is how Liz describes why she wrote the book:

“I really can’t imagine life without my cello, my rosin, my bow, my music stand, and my music. I have enjoyed a career as a freelance musician for many years, but there have been mistakes along the way. If only I knew then what I knew now! And that’s where this book comes in. I am a teacher first and foremost, and I wanted to share some of the most essential lessons I learned along the way. Hopefully, this book will provide some guidance to up-and-coming freelance musicians who want to get their own classical trio or quartet together to earn money playing gigs, and not have to reinvent the wheel doing so.”

Classical Gigs: A Guide for Working Musicians is now available on, Barnesand,, and all your favorite online booksellers.

Thanks to Dawn Daisley Designs for the lovely cover and interior design!

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