About Blue Horizon

Real Deal Data Book 2011 Commercial Market p78-79

I’m an editor, with a long history of working with various media companies and professional firms to conduct research to determine, for instance, who are the biggest and richest organizations in a particular industry, how satisfied employees are with their work situations, how impressed clients are with a web site re-design. With these various projects, I’ve been involved from the inception and formulation of the idea, to conducting research, surveys, and interviews, to the analysis of the data and information gathered, the writing of reports, and to the final publication of the results, whether in a magazine or newspaper, online, or in a stand-alone report.



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Most enjoyably, I have been the editor of eight non-fiction books and one historical novel to date, acting also as writing and self-publishing coach to first-time authors, who include a financial consultant, a musician, three sailors, a brain scientist, a NYC real estate broker, a retired teacher/outdoorsman, and an artist.  Cover for Eric's book_Page_1


I would be happy to discuss your organization’s market research needs with you and offer a solution, proposal, recommendation, or referral.

And if you are a budding writer or have been thinking of producing a book to complement your business practice, I would love to hear your story or ideas, edit your book, and coach you through the writing and self-publishing process. I take on about one book project per year, and am looking for another project now!

Margaret Daisley | mdaisley@bluehorizonbooks.com

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