Should I publish through KDP or IngramSpark? Both! They each have their pluses and minuses, but if you want to reach the widest markets and possible audiences, use both services for printing and order fulfillment. However, decisions like these also depend on your budget and plans for promoting your book. For a more extensive discussion of the differences between the two, here’s a “white paper” I continue to update on the subject: IngramSpark vs. KDP

Why should I buy an ISBN, if KDP and IngramSpark offer them for free?  Because then you will own 100% of the rights to do whatever you want with your book. YOU will be the publisher, not KDP or Ingram.  However, if you don’t really envision selling many books, and you’re on a tight budget, a free ISBN might be an option. Here’s a good, clear discussion about it: Should You Buy Your Own ISBN or Use a Free ISBN?

What does an editor do? A lot more than most people imagine! See my blog post about this subject HERE.

More to come:

  • How can I promote my book?
  • How do I price my book?
  • and more!


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