Cover for Eric's book_Page_1

Wings_Over_Iraq_Cover    Cover_Wings Over the Channel_Forsyth 

Cover_Erin Mengeu_Slow Down!   The Risk in Crossing Borders_COVER    Cover_Private Lessons With Jesus

Cover_Letters to Heaven and Back_Skoller  Cover_Shoals Bluff9780692090961_COVER  

Cover_Essential Problem Solver_Straubinger   COVER_7-T Success System_Kostecka  ClassicalGigs_FrontCover

Book Cover  Cover - Front   amp up   

 Front Cover   2005.Z-Guide-a   Cover of Quotable Impressions   

Sydney_Goes_to_Bat_Cover_for_Kindle  AmLaw-200-Logo-Article-202005131130-150x150     The-Data-Book-2011


  1. Peg Daisley is a truely professional and accomplished editor. recommended for all your publishing needs also.

  2. Love the book cover layouts. I’ve read the two sailboat books, and they were fine reads about sailing the great seas throughout our planet.

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