Posted by: Blue Horizon Books | June 1, 2020

Wings Over Iraq – Now Available Everywhere!

Wings Over Iraq is a real man’s book—war, intrigue, RAF bombers, a likeable and inventive main character, and even sex—and it was written by a real man, Eric Forsyth, who has managed to pack more into his 80-plus years than most. I’m all the more honored that Eric let me work with him on this book, given the subject matter. However, I thoroughly Wings_Over_Iraq_Coverenjoyed the story myself, as well as the experience of editing and and the process of seeing this book published. (Kudos to Jay Pizer of IMAX Productions for the outstanding cover and interior design!) I highly recommend “Wings” as a good read for both men and women! But then I’m prejudiced, so I’ll share what the first three reviewers have had to say about this just-off-the-presses novel:

“John” gave the book 5 Stars on Amazon and described the book as an “exciting adventure of a young R. A. F. Pilot in Iraq following WW 1” and called it “a great read about air battles, planes, & intrigue,” and “a gripping tale of RAF air warfare in Iraq in 1931.” “You are in the air over Iraq in the 1930’s, enmeshed in flying adventures, and terror, Intrigue, violence and death. The book is impossible to put down and I had to finish the 278 pages in one sitting.”

Another Amazon reviewer also gave the book 5 Stars and called it an “extremely informative story of the struggle to control Iraq and it’s Oil by the Brits following WW1” and said that it provided “amazing insights into the development of early military aircraft and the Men that flew them.” He noted also that “the Author a former RAF pilot and World Renowned Sailing Adventurer has written a very interesting and factually based history of the period and the people that that influenced the time.”

Captain Russ Roberts, retired from Delta Air Lines, wrote after reading a proof copy: “Forsyth’s imagination takes us from the desert upward to the sky. He gets the flying details right. With authenticity and historic detail, he launches us into the beginnings of the modern Middle East and the build-up to WWII.”  – Captain Russ Roberts, Delta Air Lines, Ret.

So, this is where I might normally link the title to where you can find it in the Amazon bookstore, in both print and e-book formats, but I’d like to take this opportunity to say that Amazon is not the only online bookstore open for business!  You have lots of options.

Most independent publishers, like Eric Forsyth, publish and distribute their books through IngramSpark, a division of LightningSource. As such, their titles are available all over the world in just about every online outlet there is for books, such as the traditional Barnes & Noble online and Powell’s bookstore in Portland, Oregon and of course Amazon.

If you are a strong supporter, as I am, of the numerous (cherished) small independent brick-and-mortar bookstores across the U.S., many have banded together to create their own online cooperative,, which returns over 75% of the profits to independent stores, publications, and authors. Since their founding just this January 2020, they have raised over $2 million for this cause.

I have just discovered an outfit called The Book Depository , based in the UK, which touts that they offer “free delivery worldwide”!  And Eric’s book will soon be available also through a UK-based publisher/distributer, YPS (York Publishing Services), which carries his first book, Inexplicable Attraction: My Fifty Years of Ocean Sailing, in their online bookstore, the YPD Bookshop.

And then there are also many outlets for purchasing the e-book version —  including the outlets already mentioned above — such as Kobo  and Apple Books.

And then there are the many places where you can rate and review a book, starting with Amazon—but that is a subject for another time!

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